This is a Sticky Post

This is an example of a sticky post. You can read more about them here.

By default, WordPress.com blogs display posts in reverse chronological order on the home page with the latest post at the top. There isn’t a way to display posts in chronological order, but you can mark some posts as Sticky to make them appear above the other posts. They will stay at the top of your posts until you uncheck that option on the Edit screen for that post.

You can mark a post as sticky by checking the option that says “Stick this post to the front page” in the Publish settings on any post.


Theme Features

Simple but effective additional options

Pay a visit to your WordPress customizer and in your theme options you can globally set the location of your sidebar to the left or right hand side.

You can also add your phone number, address and email which will appear in the header just below your websites navigation; a perfect way to give your visitors an easy way to connect with you.

Speaking of connecting; when you activate your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedin accounts the relevant clickable icon will also appear in the header allowing your visitors to get in contact in more ways.

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Responsive design

This theme is a delight to use on iPhones, Androids, Ipads, Tablets and PCs alike. It seamlessly adjusts to the screen size it is provided and helps make your content look great wherever it is being viewed.

Try it now by adjusting the size of your browser window.


A small gallery of images

A gallery of images by Matt Mullenweg of Luxembourg in the fall.

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A Post with Pages

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Learn WordPress

Always wanted to be a blogging superstar? Or simply want to learn your way around WordPress.com? Check out Learn WordPress.com.

You’ve got a blog: huzzah! Now, it’s time to make it the next internet sensation. Whether you want to be a WordPress.com pro or just need to get the hang of the basics, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered from sign up to custom design to publishing your first post — and then some.

To go from gumshoe to guru, make your way through the tutorials section by section. If you need help with a specific task, menus at the top of each page let you know what you’ll learn there so you can hop right to the topic you need. Jam-packed full of screenshots to help you get oriented, each section is designed to help you find the information you’re looking for quickly, absorb it immediately, and apply your new-found prowess to your site or blog.